Inslee updates proclamation related to the Open Public Meetings Act

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Gov. Jay Inslee today updated a proclamation related to the Open Public Meetings Act.

The proclamation, initially issued in response to COVID-19, has been updated to allow in-person meetings for cities, counties and agencies where wildfires have substantially interrupted or degraded telecommunications services.

This update comes at the request of impacted cities and counties, and in collaboration with open government advocates.

The proclamation is as follows:

COVID-19 - Wildfire Exemptions to the Open Public Meetings Act (20-28.10):

This proclamation makes an exception to the general ban on in-person meetings in areas of the state that are unable to convene remote meetings because wildfires have significantly degraded telecommunications.

In-person meetings are limited to the number of people permitted to gather in the county in which the meeting will take place. Other requirements apply, including maintaining six feet of distance between attendees, wearing face coverings, and ratifying any action taken at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

This proclamation remains in effect until power is returned in the area or October 1, whichever occurs sooner.

Read the full proclamation here.

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