We’re in this together – Washington state to send ventilators

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Gov. Jay Inslee today, recognizing the dire situation in other states, announced the state of Washington will return more than 400 ventilators received from the Strategic National Stockpile to the SNS inventory to help states facing higher numbers of COVID-19 cases.

"These ventilators are going to New York and others states hardest hit by this virus," Inslee said. "I’ve said many times over the last few weeks, we are in this together. This should guide all of our actions at an individual and state level in the coming days and weeks."

Washington state continues to prepare for increased hospitalizations and the necessary treatment of serious cases of COVID-19. The state recently purchased more than 750 ventilators, which are expected to arrive over the next several weeks when Washington may need them most.

“I spoke with the governor after conferring with the Washington State Hospital Association to determine what help Washington could offer other states,” said Vice Admiral (ret.) Raquel Bono, M.D., Director, Washington State COVID-19 Health System Response Management. “Thanks to the mitigation efforts the governor has put in place and the cooperation of Washingtonians, we have seen fewer infections in our communities than anticipated. Our current status allows us to help others who have a more immediate need.”

It is important that Washingtonians continue to stay home, wash hands and maintain physical distancing. The data shows that current community mitigation strategies are working to slow the spread of COVID-19, and must be sustained to ensure Washington’s continued success.

“We are especially concerned that physical distancing outside the Puget Sound needs to improve to sustain our gains as more cases are diagnosed across the state. Please do your part and remember that we are all in this together,” Inslee said.

Please note: The state's Joint Information Center is finalizing a new reporting system and Tuesday's JIC media briefing will include a look at PPE supplies and will include updated numbers.

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