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Earlier this month, the state Department of Revenue (DOR) launched a new unclaimed property website. The site, which went live on April 12, makes it easier for Washingtonians to find and claim lost funds.

To help deliver a better experience for its customers, DOR contracted with an outside vendor to develop and implement a complete overhaul of the system. This means a new streamlined website to make claiming more efficient and an integrated internal system to allow for easier filing by property holders and faster processing by DOR staff. The result is a website that makes it easier for:

  • The public to search for and file claims.
  • Businesses to file reports and submit unclaimed property.

“This website represents a big step forward for our customers, who will see noticeable improvements when using the system,” said DOR Director Vikki Smith. “In today’s economic climate, I’m excited that we are making the process of reuniting people with their money as easy as possible.”

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