Drivers, carmakers, and states are leaving fossil fuels in the rearview mirror. Is Washington ready to drive electric?

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Transportation is the biggest contributor of carbon emissions in Washington state, and the biggest opportunity to make a difference. The threat of climate change is clear, and Washington state is leading by example to respond.

Washington state will match California's requirement that cars with model years of 2035 or later must have zero tailpipe emissions to be sold.

That requirement is the "floor," according to Gov. Jay Inslee's senior climate advisor, Anna Lising. After all, the state legislature had already set a goal five years more aggressive, aspiring that cars with model years 2030 or newer be electric.

The future of car travel in Washington state will be electric, but is the state's infrastructure ready? Is the grid ready? Will charging be accessible? Will EVs create jobs?

Lising answered these questions and more in a Q&A now posted to Gov. Jay Inslee's Medium.

Read the full story on Gov. Jay Inslee's Medium here.

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