Inslee issues update to rescind two COVID-19 emergency proclamations

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Today, Gov. Jay Inslee rescinded two COVID-19 emergency proclamations related to the Department of Licensing, Proclamations 20-41 and 20-48. Proclamation 20-41 waives certain statutory deadlines for renewal of personal and commercial driver licenses (CDLs). Proclamation 20-48 waives statutory barriers for renewing or extending CDLs and commercial learner permits in order to align with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act (FMCSA) statutes that were waived. The waiver of FMCSA statutes expired in late February 2022 and were not further extended by the federal government. With the opening of our state agency offices, and the expiration of the FMCSA waivers, these emergency orders are no longer necessary to keep workers and customers safe.

These rescissions are effective immediately.

Proclamation 20-41.13 & 20-48.11

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