Inslee statement condemns RNC position on Capitol Insurrection

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Gov. Jay Inslee released a statement today on the Republican National Committee's decision to censure two of its own members of Congress for investigating the violent Jan. 6 insurrection at our nation's Capitol.

“Today, the national Republican Party endorsed violent sedition as ‘legitimate political discourse.’ The GOP censured two of its own congressmembers solely for their consistency and integrity. They want to make insurrection sound normal. This depraved effort is part of the ongoing coup against our Constitution led by Donald Trump.

“From insurrection and vigilantism in the streets to GOP-led voter suppression in the halls of power, we continue to see how American democracy is in peril today. I am once again calling on leaders of all political parties to condemn what happened Jan. 6, 2021; acknowledge the legitimate election of Joe Biden to the presidency; and disavow this brazen authoritarian course that has only picked up steam since the Capitol insurrection. I applaud those who have already done this.

“The threat is real. It is exactly why I requested legislation to hold politicians accountable when their election lies lead to more violence. Today’s endorsement of the insurrection by the Republican Party establishment only reinforces my fear that we will see this violence continue. I hope our Legislature will stand up and be counted against this ongoing election lie in passing protections for our democracy.

“This coup will not go away until people of integrity, honesty, consistency and selflessness from across the spectrum take action. We need a united front in this battle, and today the apparatus of the national GOP said ‘No.’ History will not forget nor can we forgive this moral failure of leadership.”

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