Police trainings would increase statewide under new regional proposal

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State and local law enforcement leaders joined Gov. Jay Inslee Thursday to announce a proposed expansion of the Criminal Justice Training Committee (CJTC). Regional campuses would help agencies respond to a national officer shortage and would facilitate recruitment of officers more representative of their home communities.

“As we heard from law enforcement today, this effort to fund more training and establish new training locations will not only help with the number of officers, but will also help the recruitment of officers that better reflect the communities in which they work,” said Inslee.

Expanding to regional campuses would accelerate the process for new recruits to be trained and certified, helping agencies overcome manpower deficits. The expansion would also diminish the compromises trainees must make to attend extended training. Agencies also expect that the strategy would facilitate the hiring of more local officers, helping agencies better represent the communities they serve.

“The regional academy concept will help us find talented officers and allow for local cultural influences that will better reflect our communities,” said Pasco Chief of Police Ken Roske. “The Tri-City law enforcement agencies are excited for the prospect of training new police officers at a Pasco BLEA Campus.”

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