EV charger installation is amping up

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Electric vehicle popularity is amping up — EV registration statewide and nationwide has quintupled in five years. EVs now account for one in ten vehicles sold in the United States. A proposed federal rule would compel manufacturers to make more EVs, and a new state law requires all new vehicles sold beyond 2035 to have zero tailpipe emissions.

The laws are written. Infrastructure investments are happening. The climate crisis is urgent. The EV wave is coming, but there remains a critical question:

Are we ready to charge all these electric cars?

A yellow trend line on a blue graph shows a rapid increase in the rate of new electric vehicle charger installations in Washington state.
Construction of new EV charging stations in Washington state is taking off. More than 460 were built in 2021, and 2023 may see that number eclipsed as the state begins to implement its NEVI plan.

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