Governor’s trip “down under” yields trade, climate partnership

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On Nov. 2, Gov. Jay Inslee leaped over time zones as he flew to Australia to lead a state delegation on a trade mission. Australia is 18 hours ahead of Washington state, and they are living in the future in another way - they're ending the dirty era of fossil fuels and embracing healthy, clean energy.

The state delegation met Australia's ambitious climate leaders, toured clean tech industrial sites and forged new partnerships to expand the $750 million trade relationship between Washington and Australia.

The state of Tasmania is completely self-sufficient, generating so much clean energy that it's planning to sell its surpluses abroad. Rooftop solar is about to become the nation's largest power source. Massive new electric ferries and hydrogen-powered mining trucks are under construction. The visit was filled with proof of the promise of clean energy. Going green will result in cleaner air and will drive incredible new economic activity.

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