New suite of climate laws continue path to 100% clean energy future

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Building on landmark climate laws like the emissions-slashing Climate Commitment Act and the requirements of the Clean Energy Transformation Act to get to 100% clean energy by 2045, legislators passed more than half a dozen bills this session that put the state closer to achieving its energy needs and create more jobs while ebbing the tide of climate change.

With laws on the books requiring the state drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, policymakers are now implementing the strategies to get there. During the next two years they will be aided by more than $2 billion for state investments in clean energy, transportation, and natural habitat management and restoration, thanks to revenue generated by the state’s new cap-and-invest program.

“This funding will be used to make homes more energy efficient, electrify transportation, invest in renewable energy, aid farmers in reducing their greenhouse gas emissions, improve air quality in communities overburdened by pollution, and more,” said Gov. Jay Inslee.

The governor signed seven climate-related bills passed this session at an event Wednesday at Horn Rapids Solar Farm in Richland, a solar energy production and storage facility established in 2020 with financial help from the state’s Clean Energy Fund. The facility provides energy to the city of Richland and offers workforce training for solar and battery storage technicians.

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