On the road: Colman Dock, WA Poison Center, huge hydrogen trucks

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On Monday, Oct. 23, Gov. Jay Inslee spoke at the dedication of the new Seattle Multimodal Terminal at Colman Dock. The seven-year construction project is now finally nearing completion. Tens of millions of ferry passengers come through the terminal every year. They'll now be treated to a more comfortable, convenient, efficient experience. The new terminal includes a Tribal art installation, electronic ticketing, merchant and vendor spaces, and more. Adjacent to the terminal is a restored salmon habitat.

"The history of Colman Dock is tied to the future of our Washington State Ferry system. That is to build a transportation system that does not pollute our waters," said Inslee.

Gov. Jay Inslee speaks at a ferry terminal.
The new concourse at WSF's Seattle Multimodal Terminal at Colman Dock.

The governor continued to the Washington Poison Center. The call center offers emergency advice for overdoses, chemical exposures, and more. Every responder is a trained pharmacist with a medical doctorate. The governor listened in on calls to better understand the nature of the center's work, and heard the pharmacists calmly deliver life-saving advice to callers.

The governor listens to a call at the WA Poison Center with a pharmacist.

The governor ended his day with a visit to First Mode. Mining trucks carry titanic loads, operate 24/7, and are subject to harsh conditions. Typical diesel-powered trucks of this class consume one million liters of diesel annually. To support the decarbonization of these vehicles, which help source the raw materials fueling the global clean energy transition, First Mode can install hybrid diesel-electric, full battery, or hydrogen fuel-cell electric powertrains.

First Mode operates a proving grounds site in Centralia to refine its designs, employing 96 locals during construction. They’ll also soon open a SoDo manufacturing site in Seattle to employ 80 more. The company will be represented in the governor's delegation on a trade mission to Australia next month.

Inslee poses for a picture with First Mode employees in Seattle.

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