The state’s Job Skills Program accelerates business reinvention

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It is a metamorphosis for a business to grow from a supplier to a manufacturer. And for such an evolution to occur, employees must have access to the skills training they need to grow as well. The state’s Job Skills Program helps with exactly that.

The Job Skills Program connects employers with accredited Washington colleges and subsidizes training and reskilling programs. It helps businesses and their employees metamorphosize. And over the program’s 40 years, more than 1,000 businesses have grown new wings.

It’s an easy sell for businesses. Employees are trained onsite, on the business’ schedule, for specific business needs. Employers work with local community or technical colleges, public and nonprofit universities, and licensed private career schools to develop tailored training. And they pay for just 50% of the training in cash or in-kind payments like materials and wages.

“I’ve seen firsthand the businesses that this program has catalyzed, and I’ve talked to the employees who have reinvented themselves with new skills,” said Gov. Jay Inslee. “It’s a real evolution that happens. And the state helps pay for it. You can’t beat that for a business.”

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