On the road: Cutting-edge aerospace technology, charging for a clean future, and climate action hits home in Marysville, WA

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Gov. Jay Inslee recently visited Snohomish County, highlighting Washington's thriving aerospace industry, clean energy initiatives, and the tangible benefits of the state's Climate Commitment Act (CCA) for residents.

Cutting-edge aerospace technology

Gov. Inslee and Gravitic staff stands in a large model of a space station in Gravitics' facility.
Pictured L-R: Director of Engineering Scott Macklin, VP of Business Development Jiral Shah, First Spouse Trudi Inslee, Gov. Jay Inslee, CMO Michael DeRosa, and government relations representative Mark Tiner (Photo courtesy of Gravitics, Inc.)

Inslee toured Gravitics, a cutting-edge aerospace company pushing the boundaries of space station design and technology. Inslee witnessed  their innovative designs, manufacturing processes, testing facilities, and marveled at a hot-fire demonstration of their advanced propulsion systems. Washington state is a long-standing leader in the aerospace sector and boasts over 1,500 aerospace-related suppliers and vendors contributing to cutting-edge companies like Gravitics.

Charging up for a clean future

Gov. Inslee and Marysville city leaders standing near an electric car charging station.
Pictured L-R: Public Information Officer Bridgette Larsen, Councilmember Kamille Norton, Communications Manager Connie Mennie, Gov. Jay Inslee, Community Development Director Haylie Miller, Chief Administrative Officer Gloria Hirashima, Director of Public Works Jeff Laycock

The new Marysville Civic Center is a modern, energy-efficient public facility to help meet the current and future needs of the growing city. Inslee stopped by to check out two nearby electric vehicles (EV) fast chargers and received an update on the economic impact of the Cascade Industrial Center from city officials. The Washington Department of Commerce recently announced the allocation of over $85 million for nearly 5,000 new EV charging stations across the state, including approximately 426 in Snohomish County. The EV program includes funding from the Climate Commitment Act.

Climate action hits home

Laurel Hage, a recipient of Snohomish County’s Weatherization program, significantly improved her home by installing brand-new insulation in her attic and floors, delivering year-round comfort. Improved ventilation circulates fresh air throughout the house creating a healthier home while also reducing her utility bill by nearly two-thirds. This is just a glimpse of what the Climate Commitment Act promises for thousands of Washington households, thanks to increased funding for weatherization programs across the state.

From cutting-edge aerospace advancements to expanding EV infrastructure and improving residential energy efficiency, Washington state is charging ahead into the future.

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