Education, State Board of

Develops policies for state education laws created by the Legislature. The board works with other government and education organization to support student achievement, student learning goals, student and system accountability, and basic education assistance. It is composed of 16 statutory members; 5 elected by school directors, 7 appointed by the Governor, 1 elected by private school directors, the Superintendent of Public Instruction, and two non-voting student members who are selected by the Board in collaboration with the Washington Association of Student Councils. The Governor is also invited to participate as a non-voting member.
Board Website
Policy AreaEducation
Governor Appointments7
Total Board Positions16
Statutory AuthorityRCW 28A.305.011
Public Disclosure Required?No
Senate Confirmation Required?Yes
CompensationReimbursement, per diem, and $100 stipend for members
Term Length (years)4
Statutory Term Limits
Member Requirements: Appointees of the governor must be individuals who have demonstrated interest in public schools and are supportive of educational improvement, have a positive record of service, and who will devote sufficient time to the responsibilities of the board.