Governor Inslee signs joint declaration with UK government to strengthen partnership in combatting climate change

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A new clean energy partnership between the State of Washington and the United Kingdom was signed today, a symbol of two leaders’ mutual interest in combating climate change through innovation.

Gov. Jay Inslee and UK Energy and Climate Change Minister Greg Barker signed a “joint declaration” that will allow for greater collaboration as the UK and Washington state work on market-based solutions to climate change. The agreement could lead to greater cooperation among western U.S. states and the UK, too.

When Gov. Jay Inslee signed his climate action bill earlier this year, it created a unique opportunity for collaboration with Minister Barker who has been pioneering strategies to spread the use of clean technology to combat climate change.

The UK is currently implementing a groundbreaking energy bill to decarbonize its electricity sector by 2050. This forms part of a suite of measures to fulfill the UK’s ambitious emissions reduction targets. Washington state is considered a national leader in this same area, with ambitious renewable energy portfolio standards that have helped spur billions of dollars in economic activity in clean energy technology, and carbon emission reduction goals that will significantly reduce carbon emissions by 2020 with continued reductions through 2050.

“The UK is leading action to avert dangerous climate change. However, a global challenge requires global partners,” said Minister Barker. “I am delighted to be working with Governor Inslee on this important agenda to drive our shared transition to a prosperous and secure low carbon future.”

Today’s joint declaration builds on the shared vision between Governor Inslee and Minister Barker and will allow Washington state and the UK to enhance their collaboration on market-based mechanisms for reducing carbon emission, clean energy investments, energy efficiency strategies, clean transportation and more.

Minister Barker and Governor Inslee hope that this declaration will form part of the collaboration between the states participating in the Pacific Coast Collaborative on the common goal of accelerating low carbon development.

“Combatting climate change is a global challenge with very local impacts. It’s also an opportunity for us to lead the next technological revolution in clean energy,” said Governor Inslee. “We welcome opportunities to learn from Minister Barker and the UK, and all our neighbors across the country and around the world who are developing ways to fuel our businesses and homes cleanly and sustainably.”

The text of the joint declaration can be found here.

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Jaime Smith
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