Statement from Inslee on President Obama’s State of the Union

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“Tonight President Obama outlined a justifiably confident and optimistic vision for our nation. We should be proud of the accomplishments we have achieved over the last seven years. The president helped dig our nation out of the deepest economic collapse since the Great Depression, and the American and Washington state economies are growing stronger every day. He helped in the fight to win the right of all of our citizens to marry the person they love. He didn’t give up in ensuring every American has access to affordable health care. He is making sure our nation is joining in reducing the carbon pollution that is driving climate change.

“Still, much work remains. Washington state ranks in the top five states in job growth, but all of us must do more to ensure that our economy works for everyone. Hard-working Washingtonians in every corner of our state should know that if they work 40 hours a week they will be able to put a roof over their heads and put food on the table for their families.

“This year our state made historic investments in the full continuum of education – investments that are our best bet in ensuring a stronger, modernized and more resilient Washington state economy. But we must – and will – do more to guarantee a quality education for every student.

“President Obama has been understandably frustrated by Congress’ relentless obstructionism. Nowhere has this shown itself more than in Congress’ refusal to address gun violence. But, fortunately, some states are moving forward without Washington, DC – states like Washington. In other areas, like immigration reform, Congress must act, and its refusal to do so is hurting our state every day.

“In each of these areas, Washington state has had a champion and a partner in the White House. I am glad that our efforts have been aligned on so many critical issues, and I will continue to find areas to work with President Obama to promote a stronger and more prosperous Washington state and America.”

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Jaime Smith
Governor Inslee’s Communications Office