For opioid overdoses, treatment is the best prevention

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On Overdose Awareness Day, Washington state continues to integrate community-wide efforts to save lives.

Washington state, along with the rest of the nation, is experiencing increased extreme challenges with opioids in every community. In response, state agencies and partners are coordinating opioid response efforts, raising awareness of overdoses and reducing the stigma of drug-related deaths.

“Opioids have created a public health crisis throughout the nation, and different states are responding in different ways. We’re not only committed to prevention efforts, but our focus has also been on treatment, which we know can be the best prevention,” Gov. Jay Inslee said.

“Overdose Awareness Day is an important way to highlight the work of our state agencies and partners who have been working together to help providers, patients, community organizations and families prevent and treat opioid abuse. Our state’s innovative ‘hub and spoke’ model will make treatment more accessible to the people who need it, at the right time, and the right places, which saves lives.”

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Tara Lee
Governor Inslee’s Communications Office