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Below you will find detailed information on each state board and commission to which Gov. Inslee has appointment authority. Click below to view the boards -- these profiles will provide you with the detailed information about each board, including board members. You can also view all recently appointed board members.

If you have additional questions about boards and commissions please contact the Office of the Governor at (360)902-4111 or email.

Boards and Commissions

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Judicial Conduct, Commission on

Maintains confidence and integrity in the Judicial System by seeking to preserve both judicial independence and public accountability. The Commission reviews complaints alleging possible violations of the Code of Judicial Conduct and enforces the state ethics legislation for all members and employees of the state Judicial system. It also has a mission to hold judges accountable for misconduct without compromising the essential independence of the judiciary.
Board Website
Policy AreaPublic Safety
Governor Appointments12
Total Board Positions11
Statutory AuthorityRCW 2.64.020
Public Disclosure Required?Yes
Senate Confirmation Required?No
Compensation$100 per day
Term Length (years)4
Statutory Term Limits
Member Requirements: Cannot be a lawyer or a judge.

Juvenile Justice, Washington State Partnership Council on

The Washington State Partnership Council on Juvenile Justice provides a common point of analysis, planning, and advocacy for youth involved in the juvenile justice system or youth at risk of involvement in the juvenile justice system. The collective efforts of this broad array of stakeholders further the positive development of youth and the health and safety of the state. The group can promote juvenile justice and delinquency prevention, intervention, and behavioral health programs to ensure the effective delivery and improvement of services for youth
Board Website
Policy AreaPublic Safety
Governor Appointments26
Total Board Positions26
Statutory AuthorityExecutive Order 20-02
Public Disclosure Required?No
Senate Confirmation Required?No
CompensationReimbursement for travel
Term Length (years)3
Statutory Term Limits
Member Requirements: The Partnership Council membership shall consist of: one general public member to serve as chair of the council who shall not be a full-time
employee of the federal, state, or local government; one locally elected official representing general purpose local government; one representative of law enforcement; one representative of juvenile court administration; one representative of juvenile and family court judges; one representative of prosecuting attorneys; one representative of defense attorneys; one representative of the Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration within DSHS; one representative of public agencies engaged in children’s mental health and concerned
with delinquency prevention or treatment; one representative of private nonprofit organizations with a special focus on preserving and strengthening families, parent groups and parent self-help groups, youth development, delinquency prevention and treatment, neglected or dependent children, the quality of juvenile justice, education, and social services for children; one representative of volunteers who work with delinquents or potential delinquents; one representative of youth workers involved with programs that are alternatives to incarceration; one person with special experience and competence in addressing problems related to school violence and alternatives to suspension and expulsion; one person with special experience and competence in addressing problems related to learning disabilities, child abuse and neglect, and youth violence; one representative of Washington State tribes; one representative from the office of the Governor; one representative from the Washington State House of Representatives; one representative from the Washington State Senate; one representative of private or public employers who help youth with job development, job skills and training, and opportunities to help them overcome barriers to obtaining and retaining employment; one person with special experience and competence in helping youth achieve successful transition and reentry back to their communities; five members shall be under the age of 24 at the time of appointment, three of which must have been or are currently under the jurisdiction of the juvenile justice system;