WorkFirst Poverty Reduction Oversight Task Force, Legislative-Executive

The Legislative-Executive WorkFirst Poverty Reduction Oversight Task Force (Poverty Reduction Task Force), was established by HB 1482 (2018 Legislative Session). As directed, the new Poverty Reduction Task Force will pick up the portfolio of the previous task force and include the topic of intergenerational poverty.

The task force serves as a platform for legislative and executive branches to oversee the operation of the WorkFirst and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) programs, and determine evidence-based outcome measures for the WorkFirst program. The task force also develops and monitors strategies to prevent and address adverse childhood experiences and reduce intergenerational poverty. The task force serves as an advisory capacity to recommend policy actions to the governor and the legislature to effectively reduce intergenerational poverty and promote and encourage self-sufficiency.


See list of members

  • Voting Members
  • Rep. Michelle Caldier, (R) Washington State House of Representatives
  • Jilma Meneses, Department of Social and Health Services (Executive Co-Chair)
  • Sen. Joe Nguyen, (D) Washington State Senate
  • Carli Schiffner, State Board for Community and Technical Colleges
  • Sen. Manka Dhingra, (D) Washington State Senate
  • Sen. Perry Dozier, (R) Washington State Senate
  • Rep. Carolyn Eslick, (R) Washington State House of Representatives
  • Sen. Chris Gildon, (R) Washington State Senate
  • Rep. Mia Gregerson, (D) Washington State House of Representatives (Legislative Co-Chair)
  • Diane Klontz, Department of Commerce (Co-Chair Advisory)
  • Mark Kucza, Department of Corrections
  • Veronica Gallardo, Office of the Superintendent for Public Instruction
  • Kelly Cooper, Department of Health
  • Rep. Strom Peterson, (D) Washington State House of Representatives
  • Tim Probst, Employment Security Department (Co-Chair Advisory)
  • Nicole Rose, Department of Children Youth and Families
  • Non-Voting Members
  • Dr. Karen Johnson, Office of Equity
  • J. Manny Santiago, LGBTQ Commission
  • Regina Malveaux, Women’s Commission
  • Mystique Hurtado, Governor's Office Indian Affairs
  • Anna Minor, Office of Financial Management
  • Nam Nguyen, Asian Pacific Islander Commission
  • Ed Prince, Commission on African American Affairs
  • Maria Siguenza, Commission on Hispanic Affairs
  • Tony Bowie, Department of Social and Health Services (Co-Chair Advisory)

Upcoming meetings

May 18, 2023 - Postponed

We are postponing the February 15th Legislative Executive WorkFirst Poverty Reduction Oversight Task Force meeting.  After a review of meeting responses, we realize we will not have a quorum present.  Further, we recognize the busy schedules Legislative Session brings to all of us and especially our legislative members. We will be regrouping to coordinate and will share a new date (in March) as soon as possible.

Previous meetings

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November 17, 2022 

August 18, 2022 

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